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Patent Technology
Tecom successfully developing the blood cell analyzer and blood cell analyzer reagent with unique independent intellectual property right, and realizes the industrialization of the two products. It walks out of a road of independent innovation and well interprets the connotation of “enterprise is the subject for technological innovation and independent innovation”.
Tecom will continue to bring into full play the role of independent innovation, increase the investment in science and technology development, speed up the construction of Jiangxi Tecom Biomedical Engineering Research Institute and Shanghai Tecom Biomedical Engineering R&D Center and establish the Joint R&D center cooperatively with Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Wuhan. At the same time, it will continue to strengthen the cooperation with domestic famous universities, rely on the post-doctoral scientific research workstation of the Ministry of Personnel, the Biomedical Inspection Engineering Center of the provincial department of science and other scientific research platforms and carry out in-depth R&D of biomedical engineering technology and products.
At present, Tecom has obtained dozens of authorized patents, including 5 invention patents.  

Patent for invention - preparation methods for single stable nicotinamide coenzyme liquid reagent

7 invention patents - bilirubin standard liquid and its preparation and saving methods

Patent for invention - protective agent of cell biological activity of whole-blood control material and preparation methods

Patent for invention - a test tube rack


Patent for invention - a blood smear device


Patent for utility model - grating with light absorption slot

Patent for utility model - vernier device for the reception of grating optical signals

Patent for utility model - optical system of full-automatic biochemical analyzer

Patent for utility model - a blood cell analyzer puncture device

Patent for utility model - a blood cell analyzer blending scanning device

Patent for utility model - a shearing valve for liquid sampling

Patent for utility model - automatic dyeing apparatus


Patent for utility model - automatic blood smear device


Patent for utility model - automatic sampling lifting arm guide block

Appearance patent - blood cell analyzer

Appearance patent - biochemical analyzer

Appearance patent - blood cell analyzer

Patent for utility model-jewel hole

Patent for utility model -pipeline structure

Patent for utility model - piston

Patent for utility model - plunger